Business Opportunities


We offer a unique business opportunity to individuals and companies in countries all over the world. anucure® has very little competition and is the BEST treatment for hemorrhoids on the market.

Our Franchisees receive the right to becomeEXCLUSIVE anucure® distributors in their territories (usually a whole country) for a period of five years, renewable automatically for as long as sales continue as agreed.

This guarantees them their original investment is safe and productive.

We provide the design of marketing aids and materials such as videos, TV commercials, ads, newspapers articles, fliers, billboards and proven marketing strategies.

Please fill out the Franchise-Distributor Information Form below and send it to us.

Upon receipt of your information we will send you a draft of the Distributor-Franchise Contract and more information on how you can become a successful Anucure Distributor.

Franchise-Distributor Information Form

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