Anucure® is a cold applicator made of hospital grade plastic, which contains a coolant inside. The applicator is placed in the freezer inside a special container (included) and when cold, is applied directly to the swollen tissues, both inside and outside the rectum.
The anucure® cryotherapy treatment is simple, just like applying ice to the swollen area. It would be impossible to introduce an ice cube into the rectum because it would hurt and the ice would melt in less than a minute.

The applicator will stay cold for a treatment of 8 to 12 minutes and can be applied several times a day. It is reusable, allowing you to wash it with soap and water visit ahuevo online, rinse well, and place it back in the container in the freezer.

anucure® is doctor recommended and relieves the painful discomfort of hemorrhoids by reducing the inflammation.

The large cap of the device with its rounded shape was designed to allow four times more coolant than the original cryogenic device, which allows it to stay cold a longer period of time.

The special design of the cap provides three different applicators so the patient can choose the one that fits best, ensuring contact with the swollen tissue near the rectal cavity visit

The tube end is used for internal hemorrhoids.

The large cap section eliminates the risk of the patient getting hurt by accidentally introducing the probe too deep, or even completely. The length of the tube is safe and will never hurt the patient.

anucure® is sold with a one ounce bottle of anucure® lubricant to help with insertion.


Each and every anucure® unit is inspected by a quality control specialist to assure total compliance with our high manufacturing standards. A Security Seal is placed on the exterior box after inspection.

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